Baby meerkats playing in the flowers

Pic By Richard Visser/Caters News 

Compare these two cute meerkats as they play in the flowers at a reserve .

Richard Visser, who leads privately guided tours throughout South Africa, spotted the two baby meerkats playing together in February this year at the Tswalu Kalahari Reserve.

The images show the two youngsters happily playing among the yellow flowers and frolicking in their African home.

Richard said: “The meerkats were still very young and were just starting to explore the burrow system.

Pic By Richard Visser/Caters News 

“The one was very keen to play with its sibling, while he was more interested in what we were doing.

“This resulted in him not paying enough attention and he ended up on his bum, legs in the air with a flower in his hair.”

Richard, who was guiding a tour when he spotted the babies, said:

“It’s hard to describe ones thought process. When photographing Meerkats playing, things happen so quickly, that sometimes you have to hope for the best and rely on a bit of luck.

Pic By Richard Visser/Caters News 

“I was delighted with what I saw. When taking the photos I didn’t actually realise what had happened until I reviewed the images.”

Richard is currently leading safaris through South Africa, Botswana and Zimbabwe.