Attention! Stern-faced marching bird will leave you ‘howling’

Pic by Austin Thomas/Caters News 

Attention! Stern-faced looking owl marches onwards and upwards.

Lifting the knees up high, and looking straight ahead – this owl is demonstrating the perfect goose step.

Leading a pack of none, the owl is determined to get to wherever his final destination may be.

Pic by Austin Thomas/Caters News 

Austin Thomas caught this marching owl in action in West Lancashire.

Austin, 51, said: “The birds are typically in the process of landing or moving on the group or taking off.

“I try to capture split second moments that the human eye typically misses to show the personality and behaviour of the wild birds.

Pic by Austin Thomas/Caters News

“I noticed the running behaviour when a young Owlet, not so confident in flying, would run to its parent calling for food, rather than fly.

“Once I saw this I decided to set about ways of photographing such behaviour.”