Attack of the bees! Tables turned as incredible showdown between bird and swarm of vicious bees

These incredible images show the tables turned when one of nature’s great predators was forced to fight off one of its food sources – a swarm of insects.

Pics from Chen Chengguang / Caters News

In the photos, the eagle can be seen swooping down from its perch before attempting to attack a hive of vicious bee hawk moths.

The bird was immediately covered by the swam, and in the images can be seen doing its best to claw away from the swarm.

Pics from Chen Chengguang / Caters News

Fortunately though, the bird was unharmed.

The images, were captured by the intrepid photographer Chen Chengguang who said it was an “amazing” experience to watch the brave bird try to fight its way out.

Chen added: “It was amazing that the bird was unharmed.”