Antelope at the end of the rainbow

Pic by Bjorn Persson/Caters News

An antelope looks like he has found a pot of gold as he stands proudly at the end of a rainbow.

The wild beast pulled the majestic pose for wildlife photographer Bjorn Persson during a storm in Masai Mara, Kenya.

Bjorn from Stockhom, Sweden, couldn’t believe he caught the magical moment.

The 45 year old said: “I couldn’t stop looking at them.

Pic by Bjorn Persson/Caters News

“They capture the very essence of raw natural beauty for me.”

The pictures come from a range of photos taken that day of other animals in the area such as elephants and rhinos.

Bjorn said: “The very unique and unsual imagery of various animals lit by different weather phenomenons comes across well in the photos.

“The timing was one in a million and there’s a beautiful, a poetic story in a picture.

“Unusual pictures is always the aim of my work.

Pic by Bjorn Persson/Caters News  

“I felt blessed, like a higher power was high lightening my object and giving me a second of serenity, a natural flash that helped me take one of my most unusual pictures ever.”

Bjorn’s work has appeared in many publications and has even been sold as fine art prints.

He now has plans to release a book about threatened African mammals next year.