Annoyed Elephants Throw Around Hidden Camera Using Their Trunks Captured In 360 Degrees

A pair of annoyed elephants threw around a hidden camera using their trunks and it was captured in 360 degrees.

Richard Vamplew, a 41-year-old wildlife enthusiast, hid a 360-degree camera close to a herd in the Maasai Mara National Reserve, Kenya, to capture some mesmerising wildlife footage.

The footage was far more personal than Robert could have ever expected as one of the large elephants used their trunk to inspect the bizarre object.

Within moments the camera got an extremely personal up-close shot of the inside of the elephant’s mouth.

Realising it wasn’t a tasty treat, it quickly grew bored of the camera and walked away, but not before tagging in another curious gentle giant.

The second ginormous elephant lost patience quickly and the bored animal threw the camera away with a swish of their trunk, leaving the discarded tech to lay crushed on the floor.

Robert said: “The elephant video was supposed to be a cool 360° VR experience for the viewers as the herd walks around the camera.

“Instead a couple of the elephants took interest in the camera and picked it up, chewed it, and trod on it.

“I was surprised the camera survived, and also excited to have such a unique perspective of these magnificent creatures.”