Animal cannibalism as leopard eats another leopard

This is the shocking moment a leopard ate another LEOPARD!

The Leopard carries the cub into the tree to eat

The Leopard carries the cub into the tree to eat

The graphic images show the wild leopard carrying the mutilated body of a leopard cub in its mouth before dragging it into a tree.

It then appears to saves its ‘meal’ for later by hanging it in a tree to stop other animals getting their paws on his catch.

The leopard was actually said to have killed the young leopard cub so it could mate with its mother.

The bizarre act of infanticide is common among big cats, if a female leopard has offspring fathered by another male, they’ll kill the cubs in order to mark their territory and mate with the female.

But while infanticide is common, it’s unusual for animals to eat the cub, like this leopard was captured doing.

The shocking series of pictures were taken by Warrick Davey, 29, a field guide at &Beyond’s Exeter River Lodge, South Africa.

Warrick, from Scottburgh, South Africa was leading a series of guests on a safari tour when he spotted the leopard.

He said the guests on his tour were so shocked by what they saw they were rendered speechless.

The Leopard carries the cub into the tree to eat

The Leopard carries the cub into the tree to eat

Warrick added: “The adult leopard is a male, known as the Ravenscourt male, who is around 4 years old. The cub was a young male around a year old.

We were in an open land cruiser, only about 15meters from the action.

“It was complete surprise. I heard over the radio that a leopard had been found, but was not expecting to find what we did when we arrived.

“The series of photos starts off with the male leopard carrying the cub in his mouth.

“As we arrived the leopard cub carcass, which was hanging in the tree, dropped to the ground. Immediately the male leopard, which was resting in the shade of the tree on the ground, jumped up and seized the carcass and hoisted it back up the tree.

“The following images depict the male leopard trying to find a secure place to leave the carcass and in doing so, jumps from branch to branch with the cub in his mouth.

“He then places the carcass, comes down the tree and finds a spot to rest. However he repeatedly looks up to make sure it is still there, which is what we see in the final photo.

“The situation is a young male leopard that is beginning to establish a territory in the area. Within his new territory a female leopard that has a cub which does not belong to him, and in order for him to be able to mate with that female, he needs to get rid of the cub so the female will come back and he can spread his genes.

“This action of infanticide is actually quite common with a lot of animals, especially big cats.

The Leopard carries the cub into the tree to eat

The Leopard carries the cub into the tree to eat

“The interesting behaviour though is that he chose to eat the cub too. This I have never witnessed before with leopards.

“I was ecstatic for having captured the photos, yet still taken aback by what we had just witnessed.

“This was a first for me, as well as my tracker Chris who has been working in the Sabi Sands for over 20 years.

“I think it is very unlikely we’ll ever see anything like this again. Chris is convinced that something is changing with animals, their behaviour is different to what it used to be. Maybe there is something in the water.”