Angry hippo caught on camera charging at holiday makers

A pair of holiday makers had the shock of their life when an angry HIPPO charged towards them- but they managed to catch the hair-raising moment on CAMERA.

Terrifying Hippo Charge

The angry hippo lifts its head as photographer, Michael Tucker, passes by on a boat

Michael Tucker, 38, from Johannesburg, South Africa was enjoying a romantic early morning boat trip with his wife Jaqueline for their one year anniversary in the Chobe National Park in Botswana, when the shocking moment happened.

Terrifying Hippo Charge

South African, Michael Tucker, was enjoying an early morning boat trip with his wife when the angry hippo suddenly charged

Michael said: “It was astonishing the speed the hippo moved and we were definitely in danger.

“Our guide decided to get us up close to a pod of hippos that were resting on a small island. As we were drifting towards them with the motor off, the dominant bull decided we were too close and started charging us.

Terrifying Hippo Charge

The pair were shocked at how quickly the mammal could move

“It all happened very quickly and as the hippo was gaining valuable ground by the second, we were trying very hard to get the motor boat started.

“After two unsuccessful attempts the motor finally started and we managed to get away.

Michael, who is a professional photographer, could not resist the chance to snap this extraordinary experience.

Terrifying Hippo Charge

Unbelievably, the engine on the boat had cut out as the hippo gained momentum and headed straight for them

Michael said: “Incredibly, I managed to get a few photographs of the charge as we luckily escaped the angry hippo.”

“The pictures will always remind us how lucky we were.”