ANGRY ANGRY HIPPOS! Moment furious hippo takes down rival in epic river battle

Open wide! These very angry hippos pull some terrifying moves as they were caught on camera battling over top place in the herd.

Safari guide Neal Cooper managed to capture the spectacular show on camera, as he led a group of guests on a CNP safari tour by the Chobe River, in Botswana.

Pic by Neal Cooper/Caters News

The two enormous males – which weigh up to 4500kg each – both refused to back down as they attempted to tear strips off each other.

Neal said: “We came across the two bull males in the river and it was very exciting as they started to challenge each other.

“One bull challenged the other for dominance, and he certainly leapt into action to defend his territory, and his harem.

Pic by Neal Cooper/Caters News

“The action was fast and furious, and eventually, the challenger retreated after the alpha male defeated it.

“It is incredible to witness something like this – it’s such a privilege to witness the part of nature where the strongest will survive to ensure the strongest genes for the future.”