Amy Lion-house! Lion With Funny Hairdo Caught On Camera

This lion looks less king of the jungle, more Amy LION-house – as a hilariously timed image appears to give her a perfect beehive hairdo.

PIC FROM Talib Abdullah Almarri/Caters News

The perfect picture shows a male lion with luscious locks with his head bowed immediately behind the lioness – giving her the appearance of the late Back to Black singer.

Talib Abdullah Almarri, 41, a networking analyst from Saudi Arabia was lucky enough to capture the moment while on safari in Masai Mara, Kenya, during the lions’ mating time.

PIC FROM Talib Abdullah Almarri/Caters News

Talib said: “When I saw the lion playing with lioness, I just imagined this frame in my mind before shooting- at the time I was ready with my camera.

“I think it’s really funny.“