Amazing photo sequence show butterfly’s transformation

These remarkable photos show the captivating moment a monarch butterfly emerged from its chrysalis. 

The images, captured by photographer Ken Rohling in Troy, New York, depict the butterfly as it exits from its shell, having developed from a larvae to a stunning butterfly.

Ken, 62, a retired inventor, said: “It’s the obvious miracle of nature that is depicted here, where a beautiful monarch suddenly emerges from a beautiful green chrysalis.

“If you look closely at the chrysalis you can see it as it was just a couple of hours after a caterpillar morphed into the beautiful shell with golden accents.

“On it’s surface, highlighted between the shadows, you can see very detailed outlines of structures that will be present in the final butterfly. 

“The eyes, antennae, wings, proboscis virtually every detail of the adult butterfly is painted in the structure of the chrysalis.”