Amazing moment tiny gecko is born at American zoo 

Sedgwick County Zoo / Caters News 

This is the amazing moment a tiny Gecko is born at an American zoo.

The two carrot-tail viper geckos hatched at the Sedgwick County Zoo, Kansas, US  on Sept 26 and 27.

Sedgwick County Zoo / Caters News

Females Gecko’s lay two eggs per roughly every two weeks during the season.

The pea-sized eggs incubate for 50-60 days before hatching a tiny gecko weighing less than one gram.

With several more eggs incubating, the zoo expects to hatch two geckos every two weeks throughout the winter.

The tiny geckos eat a diet of fruit flies, bean beetles, and pinhead crickets.

Sedgwick County Zoo / Caters News

Adults are fed larger invertebrates, such as crickets, and isopods.

To avoid the heat of the day, these tiny desert dwellers hunt for insects in the early morning and late evening.

The oddly shaped tail stores fat and water for when food is scarce.