Amazing moment deadly shark is hypnotised by diver – rolling vertically onto its back 

This is the amazing moment a deadly shark was hypnotised by a diver – rolling vertically onto its back.

The hypnosis is called ‘tonic immobility’ and was performed by diver Leigh Cobb to the majestic 16ft female tiger shark, nicknamed ‘Emma’.

The impressive footage – taken earlier this year at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas – shows Leigh stroking Emma’s nose to begin the hypnosis before rolling the huge predator onto her back.

PIC FROM Christian Torres / Caters News

Photographer and dive master Christian Torres, 41, from Ecuador, captured the footage.

He said: “Diving with theses majestic creatures always brings new sensations.

Christian Torres / Caters News

“In the video, my friend and mentor Leigh Cobb, is feeding and rolling the most famous Tiger shark from Tiger Beach, Bahamas named ‘Emma’ who is 16” long.

“I usually like photographing big animals like sharks, mantas, whales or dolphins.”