Amazing images show shark at centre of perfectly-formed bait ball

These amazing images show a shark at the centre of a perfectly-formed bait ball.

Underwater photographer Joseph Tepper, 27, from New York, captured the impressive images, during a week of diving in July, at the coast of North Carolina, USA.

Joseph Tepper / Caters News

He was snapping an underwater shipwreck site known as ‘The Graveyard of the Atlantic’ when he came across the bait ball – and was shocked to see a sand tiger shark lurking in the centre.

Joseph said: “While diving a historic WWII wreck — the Caribsea — I witnessed a giant ball of bait fish pulsing around the ship’s bow.

“But it was what was hiding inside the mass shoal of fish that turned out to be the biggest surprise of all.

Joseph Tepper / Caters News

“Dozens and dozens of sand tiger sharks found cover amongst the millions of fish, a bait ball so thick that the only way to actually see the shark was to take plunge into the pulsating silvery school.

“Once inside, all light disappeared, and it was only when that iconic sand tiger shark smile entered the beam of my camera’s focus light that I could actually see anything other than a flurry of fish.”

Joseph Tepper / Caters News

Joseph started doing underwater photography at the young age of 12, to document his scuba adventures and share them with friends and family – and now is the editor of DivePhotoGuide, travelling around the globe to document marine life.