Amazing clear pictures show tiny baby frogs perfectly formed inside eggs no bigger than a grain of rice

Pic by Anup Deodhar/Caters News 

These amazingly clear pictures show tiny baby frogs perfectly formed inside eggs no bigger than a grain of rice.

The extraordinary images show dozens of Bombay Bush Frog eggs stuck to tree trunks in the village of Amboli in Maharashtra, India.

Pic by Anup Deodhar/Caters News 

The minuscule frogs can be seen in great detail, curled up waiting to be born – despite the transparent eggs being just four millimetres big.

Photographer, Anup Deodhar, said it was remarkable seeing the incredibly small frogs move inside the eggs.

Pic by Anup Deodhar/Caters News

The 33-year-old said: “I was amazed to see this wonder of nature.

“I couldn’t believe how the eggs were sticking to the tree trunks even in heavy rain.

“The frogs were visibly moving inside even before birth.”