All of a flap! Birdbrain hawk photographed in twist as it hunts for food!

Pic by Wouter Serfontein/Caters News

This birdbrain hawk was pictured getting in a flap as it performed a strange upside down manouevre in a bid to find food.

The African harrier-hawk, also known as a gymnogene was busy raiding nests for food and didn’t realise his strange antics were being caught on camera.

The funny snaps were taken by Wouter Serfontein from Nelspruit in South Africa.

Pic by Wouter Serfontein/Caters News 

The 55-year-old steel worker was in a hide at Lake Panic Kruger Park when he spotted the strange scene.

He said: “I was about 30 metres from the action and it happened completely by surprise.

Pic by Wouter Serfontein/Caters News 

“The bird went from one nest to another. He was raiding the nests looking for chicks to eat.

“It’s the first time I’ve ever seen anything like this and I doubt I’ll see it again.”