Alien-like fish get up close and personal with Scuba Diver

By Jamie Smith

These alien-like fish have got up closer and personal with a scuba diver.

Jun V Lao caught the photos on his underwater camera at night while visiting Janao Bay Inn, Philippines.

Pic Jun V Lao/Caters News

The scuba diver claims is images showcase never before seen larval marine wildlife.

And not only that, Jun feels these fish are the closest thing to aliens we’ve on earth.

Pic Jun V Lao/Caters News

Jun added: “It’s not everyday you see alienlike creatures living right here beneath our oceans for real.

“The images shared are larval stages of various fish species, roughly from 1mm in size to an inch which you can only capture during diving at the wee hours of the night

Pic Jun V Lao/Caters News

“It’s the closest thing to being in outer space, with a bonus of being surrounded by real life like aliens.”