Adorable seal caught covered in sand along Uk beach

An adorable sandy seal has been caught along a UK beach.

Sean Weekly, 29, spotted the grey seal while working near the beach in North Somercotes, Lincolnshire,

The photos show the young pup with the sand all over its body while laying on the floor.

Pic by Sean Weekly/Caters News

Sean, who took the photos in December, said: “The photos show young Atlantic Grey Seal pup battling a strong sandstorm.

“This was a privileged that I was there to witness. It was such a beautiful moment to have been there and document the harsh reality that our coastal wildlife has to endure on a daily basis.

“For all my wildlife images I like to get eye level with my subject to give my photos more impact, however in these conditions I couldn’t do that.

Pic by Sean Weekly/Caters News

“I had to stand to take this photo due to the sheer power of the sand and wind. Lying down just resulted in me and my camera gear also being buried alive by the sand.”