Adorable puppy sets hearts aflutter with heart-shaped birthmark in time for Valentines Day

An adorable puppy is set to break hearts this Valentine’s Day after it was born with a heart-shaped birthmark.

Teddy the dog

The lovable puppy with a heart on its back

Teddy, the 11-week-old Chihuahua, has huge eyes, tiny paws and oversized ears.

Teddy the dog

Tiny Chiwawa, Teddy, has won hearts with his extremely cute markings

But when owner Jane Stanley spotted him she also noticed a giant heart in his markings.

Teddy the dog

Owner, Jane Stanley, immediately fell in love with the pooch after noticing the distinctive marking

Jane, 53, said: “Once I saw him and the little heart on his back, I knew we had to bring him home.

“He’s definitely going to be a bit of a romantic.”

Teddy was a gift from Geoff for Jane following the death of her beloved pomeranian recently.

Teddy the dog

The cute canine lives up to his reputation and loves nothing more than cuddling with its owners

When she spotted his picture on the internet she went to visit the owner of his mother to pick one of seven puppies.

But on arrival she saw the heart marking in his fur and knew he was the pet for them.

Teddy joins foster carer Jane, her retired police officer husband Geoff, 60, and their other dogs teacup Chihuahua Jenson, Spinone Basil and Cooper the pug.

Two Siamese cats and six chickens are also part of the family.

And by getting on with them all, Teddy has proved himself to be quite the charmer, in keeping with his unusual birthmark.

Jane said: “I fell in love with him straight away.

“He was the only one of the puppies with unusual markings and we thought he was perfect.

“We can’t believe how fitting his character is – he loves kisses and cuddles and he cries if you move away from him.

“He snuggles in with the other dogs and sometimes joins the cats in their basket.

“He’s so cuddly that he even sleeps in our bed – he’s the only dog that does!”

Geoff said: “We say he wears his heart on his back, not his sleeve – he’s certainly unique!”