Adorable penguin family will melt your heart as they snuggled together in snowy conditions

A photographer captured cute pictures of a adorable penguin family nestled together to keep warm in a snowy Antarctica.

The adorable images show a young fluffy emperor penguin chick tucked between its parents while another shows the colony huddled together.


Photographer Natalia Del Río Galván, 42, said it was a ‘dream come true’ to take the images in Snow Hill Island, Antarctica after flying in by helicopter last month.

Human resources consultant Natalia, from Mexico, said: “It was a very cold day with snow and wind and the penguins were packed together in clusters.

“There were a lot of chicks waiting for their parents to return with food.

“I decided to sit down and watch until I could take a photo that reflected the care and love between them.


“I spotted this little penguin which looked very happy and protected between its parents while the others chicks were still waiting.

“It’s a lovely family portrait. Penguins are very loving towards each other so I wanted to reflect their character in the photo.

“Family is very important to penguins and chicks depend completely on their parents to survive.”

The mum-of-one, who has been taking pictures for seven years, said there were around 4,000 penguins there.


Natalia said: “It was a dream to go there. Years ago I heard about the island and I’d been hoping to visit the emperor penguin colony.

“Getting there is very hard. You need an icebreaker to get near to the island then helicopter and good weather to fly to the ice and finally you trek to the location.

“But the reward is awesome.”