Adorable moment three pooches spotted enjoying evening ride with owner on scooter


An adorable video of three Pomeranian pooches perched on their owner‘s scooterenjoying an evening ride on a busy road has taken social media by storm in India.

Captured by Kahaan Baxi, a fellow commuter, the video shows two white furry friends, who seem to be well-trained, sit criss-cross nonchalantly.

As the clip proceeds, one can be surprised to see there is another white pup sitting calmly on its owner‘s hand, visibly thrilled about the ride in a calm evening in New Delhi.

The video posted by the 23-year-old product designer on July 4th, has increasingly catching the attention of social media users and has been viewed more than 3, 34, 000 times.

Kahaan, who was with his mother when he spotted the unusual riders, said: “When I spotted the man, I only thought there were two dogs balancing themselves beautifully and enjoying the ride but as we moved a little ahead, to our surprise we saw the third one.

“As my mother was behind the steering wheel, I quickly took out my phone to capture the unusual scene.

“It was truly amazing to see how the man was driving the scooty with just one hand while carefully holding the little pup in another.

“It was one of the most unusual things to see on Delhi roads, specially when you there is barely any lane driving and one has to be extra careful about anyone coming from any side.

“I don’t think the man realised I was taking the video. He was way too busy concentrating on balancing and going ahead withthe dogs,” the young lad added.

Indian roads are known for being over-crowded and full of rogue drivers. A scene like this where three pooches enjoying a ridewith their owner– not wearing a helmet, on a scooter was bound to catch the imagination of passersby.

While the man has not been identified yet, his dogs have certainly become celebrities in Delhi roads.