Adorable hide and seek addict cat tries everything not to be seen!

Pic from Caters News

Lucky the cat must be the worse hide and seek player in the world but never has losing been more cute.

Denise Luyckx, 28, a dental hygienist, from The Netherlands who works in a dental practice and a hospital, bought Lucky in honour of her late boyfriend.

Denise started an Instagram account for Lucky whose hundreds of followers have watched him squeeze into every possible hiding space- even a clear glass vase, after emptying it first.


Denise said: “He is very curious, I wanted to share his cute little face as he wants to sit in everything he doesn’t know or hasn’t seen before.
“He’s hidden once in the toilet and one time I lost him when he jumped into the closet which I didn’t see and closed it on him without realising for a few minutes.

“I’ve found him hanging from the chandelier type lamp shade and sitting in a vase for a few moments before hopping out because I could still see him.

Under the Instagram handle of @lucky_persiancat, followers of the Golden Chinchilla Persian Cat are multiplying with every puss-in-boots style innocent glance at the camera.

Pic from Caters News

Denise said: “It’s just the two of us at home and I bought Lucky because he has the same date of birth, November 15 as my boyfriend who died in an accident in 2015.

“Now I don’t have to come home in a empty apartment.”

Denise might always have the company of Lucky but he does his best to fool her into thinking she is alone but more often than not, it is with limited success.

Cat owners will know there are few things more exciting for their pet than a cardboard box but for Lucky who climbs into the dishwasher, kitchen cupboards and plastic bags, cardboard is just the start.

Pic from Caters News

As the pictures and video fast-making Lucky the most popular hide ‘n’ seek player on the internet show, his daily antics are hilarious.

Denise said: “He is very playful and nothing bothers him really, he’s a very relaxed cat and he’s fine with going in the car to see my parents who think he’s very cute and kind.”

Pic from Caters News