Adorable dogs dyed to look like pandas are huge online sit – with many paying to have photo shoots with the distinctive pooches

Three adorable dogs have become an online hit – thanks to their unusual panda-like markings.

 The adorable Chow Chows resemble panda bears

The adorable Chow Chows resemble panda bears

The three Chow Chows first came to the attention of the online masses after a video of them strolling through Singapore with their owner, Meng Jiang, was posted online – with many people initially mistaking them for the endangered animals.

The adorable pups – named Tudou, a male, YuMi and DouDou, both sisters – are pure white Chow Chows, with distinct black dye added to their fur to give them an uncanny resemblance to Pandas.

Owner Meng adds the coloured dye around their eyes, ears, legs and tails to create the distinctive look.

And because of their ‘painted’ makeover, the pups have become immensely popular in the country that loves the endangered animal.

The adorable dogs with their owners

The adorable dogsĀ at a photo shoot

Like a proud mother, Meng says: “It is amazing to see our pups becoming popular. They really are show stoppers on the road and attract big crowds of people everywhere they go.

“People come running to us asking for their pictures and if they can cuddle them. And I must tell you the babies absolutely enjoy the attention.”

However, amid all the popularity, the artificial colouring of the dogs has raised eyebrows of animal lovers, who believe the colours could be harmful.

But Meng argues: “While people enjoy watching them walking on the streets, some have come to me asking if the colour around their eyes and ears are safe. I want to tell everyone that the dye used is professional dog hair dye and is 100% organic, non-toxic and safe for dogs.

The adorable dogs at a photo shoot

The adorable dogs at a photo shoot

“The ingredients used in the dye consists of purified water and food dye colourants that are approved by the Personal Care Products Council here. A patch test is always done before applying the dye on the dogs.”

The Panda Chow Chows go for regular grooming sessions where they get hair trimming, ears and teeth cleaning, blow dry and even a massage. The pups also have their own bedroom with air conditioning.

Meng says: “My pets are my babies and I make sure to keep them comfortable. They go for grooming every 10 days where they get proper wash and hair trimming. They also get eye check-ups, nails trimmed, ears and teeth cleaning.

“Because the weather is quite hot and humid in Singapore, we keep the air conditioning always on inside the house to keep them cool. We have in fact set up their own bedroom but they love to sleep in the living room, on the sofa. Even there, we keep the ac on,” says Meng, who did a Master’s in Strategic Marketing from Imperial College London.

The adorable dogs with their owners

The adorable dogs with their owners

The pups also enjoy healthy meal that includes dog kibbles and organic food like cheese, carrots, boiled eggs, beef, fish and soy milk.

“I prefer to steam the vegetables and meats for them,” she adds without revealing the cost of their upkeep.

And when not chewing on soft balls or spending their days sleeping, Meng says the pups enjoy their day out with visitors.

Meng and her British husband Anton Kreil run that offers an exclusive photoshoot experience with the dogs.

She says: “Ever since I got them, my friends and relatives kept requesting me for coming over to our home for playdates. It was then that we felt we should give others a chance to interact with these cute pups.


“We offer three different photoshoot options where all our visitors’ can capture those magical, exciting moments with them within the studio, on special occasions and events and in natural environment.

“It is a hit among parents who want to spend a fun-filled day with their children or lovers who come here to clebrate their anniversaries or special days.”