Adorable baby tigers perform Dirty Dancing lift while play-fighting

Patrick Swayze and Jennifer Grey are given a run for their money in these cute photos, as a couple of tiger cubs perform a near-perfect Dirty Dancing lift.

taken by photographer Harshal Malvankar in the Tadoba Tiger Reserve in India, the images capture the active cubs as they play fight in some grassland close to a dirt road.

Harshal, 43, has been visiting the tiger reserve for the last ten years in order to photograph the tigers and says the cubs love to have a playful time near the road.

Harshal spent two days tracking the cubs and their mother, and had to act quickly when he finally came across them.

He said: “We saw the two cubs resting and I was pretty sure that in time they would come to play by the side of the road.

“I quickly adjusted settings of my camera to suit the low light, mounted it on a gypsy to get a firm grip and when they came out all I could do was click, click, click.”