Adorable albino hedgehog enjoys tummy rub 

Pic by Tomoe Ikeda / Caters News

An adorable albino hedgehog is filmed enjoying a tummy rub from its adoring owner.

Tomoe Ikeda, 35, from Tokyo, Japan is a hairdresser who loves her three little hedgehogs so much that she’s dedicated an Instagram page to them.

Shirikati, the star of the video, and her son Hanpen are both albino, but there is also regular hedgehog Ganmo, who is Shirikati’s husband.

The page documents the hedgehogs doing everything from playing on a hamster wheel, to dressing up in cute costumes.

Tomoe said: “I just think that there’s something so mysterious about albino hedgehogs, as they’re quite rare.

Pic by Tomoe Ikeda / Caters News

“They’re very cute and you can dress them up in fun costumes, and I love watching them play in their hamster wheel.

“My page has attracted a lot of attention, and people love when I post a new photo or video.”