Absolutely nuts! Acrobatic squirrels show off their best balancing skills as they perform the splits on a series of unusual objects

These are the funny images of squirrels proving they’re the natural acrobats of the animal kingdom as they show off a range of bizarre stunts.


With their legs outstretched the furry critters are pictured doing the splits and balancing on a number of objects from ordinary tree branches to sweetcorn and carrots.

The charming images were captured by Dutch photographer Geert Weggen in the back garden of his home in Bispgarden, Sweden.

Squirrel Does The Splits

The images were taken over a period of a year, as Geert puts out food for the squirrels hoping to attract them into his garden.

Geert, 48, said: “In all images the squirrel are placing them self in a good position to have a dinner.


“Most of my days I am waiting for squirrels.

“They are planned. I put out food where I hope these squirrels will be.

“Sometimes I have to wait many days to capture one shot. It is very satisfying.


“When I was 16 my interest started. I love to create photos and squirrels are living in the forest near my house.

“It is great to follow them and see the amazing things they do and then capture that in an art form like photography.”

Squirrel Does The Splits