A word in your b-ear! Cheeky bears whisper to each other

A talented photographer has managed to capture this heart-warming image of bears whispering to each other.

The brown bears appear to be having a loving embrace, with one bear leaning in to whisper in the other’s ear.

This stunning moment in nature was captured on camera by 45-year-old photographer Goran Anastasovski at the Zoo Garden, Bitola, in Macedonia.

Whispering Bear

The adorable moment a bear appears to whisper secrets in another bear’s ear

Goran said: “Wildlife photography has been my passion for 12 years and I love taking pictures of animals in nature.

“These two bears were playing and I managed to capture the moment one of the bears leaned towards the other, as if whispering in the ear of the other bear. It was a sweet moment.

Goran, who visits the Zoo Garden regularly as it is close to his home in Bitola, said he has never seen the bears acting in this loving way before.

He said: “It was a great moment, and it was really hard to capture because the bears are always moving around and playing.

“I feel very lucky to have captured such a tender moment.”