A real botti-nelly: talented elephant shows off paintings and self-portraits

This talented elephant is a real Botti-nelly as she shows off her paintings and self-portraits.

Yumeka consistently wows crowds with her drawings of cherry blossoms and Mount Fuji in her native Japan.

The 10-year-old Asian elephant started learning to paint aged one, as her trainer would point her in the direction of where to begin.

Just one year later, her work was being displayed at the Chiba Zoological Park and her skills have developed from there.

Pic by 28 Lab/Caters News

The intelligent elephant can even paint her own name in both Japanese and Chinese languages and enjoys the applause she receives from her fans.

For the past six months Yumeka, who also specialises in painting different species of flowers, has been living in Okinawa Zoo in the hope she would fall pregnant, unfortunately that is not the case and she will return to Chiba next month.