A-paw-able: Newborn lion cubs show their playful side in first public appearance

These a-paw-able lion cubs showed off their playful side in their first public appearance.

Lioness Parades Cute Cubs

The loving moment new born lion cubs were seen snuggling with their mother

The six miniature predators look like household cats as they play fight and cuddle each other.

Lioness Parades Cute Cubs

The proud parent appears more than happy to showcase her adorable new born

The tiny troop certainly made the most of their first venture into the wild world, meaning mum had to keep them in check.

Lioness Parades Cute Cubs

The mother gently places her tiny cub on the ground

However, even the protective matriarch couldn’t help but join in the fun, as she let her cute children use her as a killer climbing frame.

Lioness Parades Cute Cubs

French photographers Laurent Renaud and Dominique Haution, managed to capture the moment whilst in the Masaï Mara, Kenya

The fantastic images were captured by French photographers Laurent Renaud and Dominique Haution in the Masaï Mara, Kenya.

Dominique said: “It was a beautiful and touching moment.

“The whole family were extraordinarily cute.

“Mum was definitely showing off her new cubs.

“Normally, lionesses will hide their children away from predators.

“But she was so proud, carrying them out into the open in her mouth for us to see.

“You could see how happy she was when the cubs were climbing all over her.

“It just shows that even the biggest beasts can show love.”

Dominique believes the cubs are around six weeks old, which presented a difficulty when trying to photograph them all.

She said: “There were about six in total, but they were running around all over the place so it was hard to capture them all.

“They are so adorable though.

“It is hard to believe that they grow up into be king of the jungle when they look as cute as they do in these photos.

“They were playing just like kittens the way they were playing with each other.

“A couple of the cubs looked like they had their arms around one another.”