A hungry hamster goes wild for corn

Pic by Julian Rad/Caters News

A hungry little hamster was caught on camera as as he chomped his way through a piece of corn.

The images were taken in a cornfield, near a small village in Austria and is a hot spot for wild hamsters.

Wildlife photographer, Julian Rad, also from Austria, visited the fields several times over the period of a month, lying on the ground for hours at a time.

 Pic by Julian Rad/Caters News 

The hamster, who seems to be having the time of his life, is pictured jumping up to grab the corn before taking it away to store in his burrow.

The European hamster is often considered as a farmyard pest but is now highly protected due to declining number.

Julian Rad said: “I was lying on my stomach each time I visited them for hours and hours.

Pic by Julian Rad/Caters News 

“I wanted to get on eye-level with the hamster to get into their fascinating world.

“The hamster wasn’t able to stuff the whole cob in his pouches, it needed few attempts to get all the corns from the cob. But I was surprised, all in all it just took the hamster about 5 mins till all the corn was gone.

“I am sure he enjoyed eating the corns afterwards in his burrow.”