A glam hound! Owner of world’s most stylish dog has spent £28,000 on pampered pooch’s beauty regime

The owner of the world’s most stylish dog has spent £28,000 on the pampered pooch’s beauty regime.

With flowing locks a model would be proud of, Kevin Chan’s glamourous three-year-old Afghan Hound AJ Nirvana Battle turns heads wherever he goes.

Marketing director Kevin, who lives in Beijing, China, has spent 100,000 Chinese Yuan (£11,600) to date on grooming equipment and coughs up 4,500 CNY (£525) a month on bathing products to keep his pup’s pristine floor-length mane perfectly preened.

The Hong Kong-born 29-year-old spends six to eight hours a week brushing the hairy hound and claims Battle is the most beautiful animal on the globe.

Kevin said: “Since the moment I decided to take Battle home, he was already the most beautiful dog in the world.

“He is a family member now, so I don’t mind spending time and money on him.

“I need to bathe him regularly every seven to 10 days – it takes six to eight hours to bathe and groom him every time.

PIC FROM Kevin Chan / Caters News

“I do all the grooming myself and have spent about 100,000 CNY (£11,600) to date on grooming equipment.

“I spend another 4,000 to 5,000 CNY on the best bathing products every month.

“Afghan hounds were born as models and have their own unique characters.

“I don’t style him deliberately, I just follow my heart.

PIC FROM Kevin Chan / Caters News

“I always tell people I didn’t choose the dog but was chosen by him, therefore I have to try my best to give him the best treatment I can.”

Every day, Kevin, who adopted Battle two years and eight months ago, sprays a nutritious solution on the pooch’s fur to smooth it before letting this sink in for one minute.

Then he uses a bristle brush to ease out any knots in the pooch’s mane – using talcum or baby powder to remove tangles.

PIC FROM Kevin Chan / Caters News

The 29-year-old has even bought a camera and taken up photography lessons so he can share the best photos of his pampered pet on social media.

Kevin said: “Every day, I spray a special nutritious solution on Battle’s fur and comb him. I have to brush him every day, to keep his fur from knotting together.

“When he was younger it would take me two hours a day to groom him, but now I only have to do this for an hour a time.

PIC FROM Kevin Chan / Caters News

“The only thing, which is the hardest, is to skilfully comb him – then you can get the nicest shots.

“I began to film and shoot him from the first day I got him because I wanted to keep every single moment.

“I even bought a camera and learned photography so I could record all the best moments.

PIC FROM Kevin Chan / Caters News

“When people see Battle, their reaction varies. Some say ‘is it a dog or a sheep?’, ‘it must be very expensive to keep him’, or ‘you must be very considerate’.

“Others ask what breed he is or say he is so pretty and want to have a photo with him.”