Who’s been eating my porridge? Bear gets revenge on Goldilocks by breaking into her cabin.

These are the incredible images of the moment a brazen bear broke into a log cabin in search of food.

The bizarre scene could have came straight from the pages of children’s tale Goldilocks and the Three Bears, only this time it was the bear doing the breaking and entering and it had an appetite for more than just porridge.

Bear Breaks Into Cabin

In search of food, the peckish grizzly peered through the window and pawed at the doors.

Real-life Goldilocks Lauren Wilson, 30, was tucking into a sandwich in the boating cabin in Grand Teton National Park – where she works as a boat captain – when she noticed the curious bear approach the front porch.

In search of food the peckish grizzly peered through the window and pawed at the doors while blonde-haired Lauren was inside. After a tense stand-off the bear used its claws to tear through a thinly screened window and climbed inside.

Despite being just feet away from the bear Lauren from Wyoming, USA, managed to hold her nerve and instead of fleeing the cabin, she stayed to capture the un-BEAR-lievable moment on camera.

Bear Breaks Into Cabin

Trying to find a way in, the bear tries to open the window.

She said: “My suspicion is the bear had food on its mind.

“I was eating a sandwich at the time so I believe it approached the cabin in search of a free meal – maybe it could smell my sandwich and wanted a bite.

“I had no bear spray on me and guns are not allowed in a national park so I just had to stand my ground.

“I yelled at it and banged pots and pans together to try scare it off, but that didn’t work.”

In search of a tasty snack, the inquisitive creature raided the cosy cabin, making itself at home as it sniffed around for grub while Laura was still inside.

But it wasn’t long before the park rangers arrived to scare the creature off, quickly ending its chances of a feast.

Bear Breaks Into Cabin

And he’s in! The terrifying moment the bear tore his way into the cabin while Lauren was inside.

Brave Laura said: “I was definitely on edge, but I never thought that it was going to attack.

“If you find yourself in a situation like that, it’s important to stay as calm as possible to think rationally.

“I figured since I couldn’t leave immediately and the bear seemed to want to stay put despite my efforts to scare it away, that I’d snap some pictures.

“Luckily the park rangers arrived and successfully got it out of the cabin without much of a fuss.

“The bear made a bit of mess whilst it was foraging in the cabin, but it got no food in the end, so hopefully he saw that as a failure.”

Bear Breaks Into Cabin

Goldilocks: Lauren Wilson was inside the cabin eating her lunch when the hungry bear broke in.