Amazing footage of Orcas hunting minke whale

By Laura Dale

This incredible rare footage shows the moment a group of Orcas hunt down and kill a lone Minke Whale.

We see the Orcas chasing down and surrounding the Minke whale, before savagely attacking and eating it.


Mike Korostelev took the footage in the Avachinsky Gulf of the Pacific Ocean while working with the Russian Orca project.

The wildlife photographer was thrilled to not only have seen this unusual happening, but to have caught it on camera too. He said: “I felt really happy and privileged to see such a rare wildlife moment.


“It was incredible to see the hunt – they’re quite rare to see. Usually we see other Orcas who feed on fish, but never on a whale.

“I’ve only seen footage of this kind of hunt once before, again of Orcas hunting for a whale. It was in the sea of Okhotsk, Russia.”

The ferocious creatures are intelligent apex predators, but despite their name of ‘Killer Whales’, they’re actually members of the dolphin family.