Tail of two halves! Meet the adorable kitten with two faces!

PIC FROM Caters News

This gorgeous kitten is taking the internet by storm thanks to its TWO FACES.

The world has fallen in love with Yana, who is seven months old, and her black and ginger face divided neatly down the middle.

The puss lives in Belarus with owner Elizabeth Shinkareva, who adopted her in June 2016, and has quickly gained over 28,000 followers on Instagram.

Devoted Elizabeth, 22, says she is a ‘nature miracle’ who loves being woken up by her in the mornings with her wet nose.

The architecture student said: “Me and my friends call her a nature miracle, she’s just remarkable.
“Her muzzle is divided into two halves, one side ginger and the other black.

“She’s so tender and beautiful – she’ll wake me up in the morning and touch me with her wet nose.”

PIC FROM Caters News

Elizabeth, who studies at Belarusian National Technical University, created an Instagram account for the moggy and regularly uploads photographs of the two of them.

After posting the first picture of Yana less than six months ago – and only adding 70 photos since – the account has over 28,000 followers.

She added: “She’s so popular on Instagram and people from all over the world follow her.

“We have comments in Russian, English, Spanish, French, Chinese – you name it.

“She’s totally changed my life.

“I don’t even know what breed she is, she’s just a regular, domestic cat.”

PIC FROM Caters News

As you’d expect, Yana has a playful side to her and is always rustling about in the house.

Elizabeth said: “She loves playing with candles and rustling in the packaging.

“She’ll bring me candy that she finds and I’ll throw it to the other end of the room for her so she can bring it back.

“She loves playing, she’s just so beautiful.”

But it’s not just her face that Elizabeth has fallen in love with – the budding architect nicknames her ‘squirrel’ because of her tail.

She added: “Her fur is so fluffy, especially on her tail so I call her a squirrel!”

PIC FROM Caters News