Bondi breach! Unbelievable moment 45 tonne whale jumps out of water just 800 meters from iconic Bondi Beach

An expat captured the unbelievable moment a 45-tonne whale jumped out of the water just 800 metres from Sydney’s iconic Bondi Beach. Snapper John Goodridge could not believe his luck when he caught the huge humpback... read more>>

Animal News

Spot the difference! Real life 101 dalmatians scenes as pedigree pooch who was expecting three pips gives birth to record-breaking 18 strong litter

  There were real life 101 Dalmatians scenes after a pedigree pooch vets thought was expecting three puppies gave birth to a record-breaking 18-strong litter. The huge brood – the biggest in Australian history and equal to the current world record – was born to three-year-old Dalmatian bitch Miley in Ballarat, Victoria, last month. Breeder Cecilia La... read more>>

Bless you! Giraffe caught sneezing

A girraffe was caught on camera in a snotty situation at a waterhole by a crowd visiting on safari. The picture was taken by 29-year-old Shaaz Jun, who owns and runs Safari camps in East Africa and India. The group were travelling near to Amboseli National Park, in Kenya, looking for African Bull elephants when they spotted the giraffes making there way to the wa... read more>>

Its a bugs life

  A photographer captures the rare moment a group of wasps blow water bubbles. Lim Choo How, 49, from Kedah, Malaysia, was walking around a factory c... read more>>