Chilling moment diver comes face to face with dearly shark!

This is the chilling moment a diver comes to face to face with a deadly shark. Cassie Jensen, 27, from North Carolina, USA, caught the attention of the Tiger shark, known as DJenny, three miles off the shore of Jupiter,... read more>>

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Dogs Lead - Dogs drag owners to amazing road trip site!

PIC BY Justin Majeczky/ Caters News These two huskies are the world's keenest explorers – dragging their owners along on a campervan trip. Justin and Cady Majeczky's canine companions sniffed out some beautiful locations for stunning photos as the four travelled across the United States. In the pictures the dogs are out in front, leading their owners to cliff... read more>>

Unlikely friends spring spaniel leaps onto his high horse

Forget man's best friend - this cute Springer Spaniel has become best mates with a HORSE.  Adorable spaniel Zak and Rocky the pony have been inseparable since they met two years ago. And the pair are so close that Rocky even lets Zak ride around on his back - and the paid snuggle up to groom each other in Rocky's stable. Zak will even hop on board 28-year-ol... read more>>