Round the twist! Three giraffes in sticky situation after getting necks entwined during embrace

That might be what they call putting your heads together – but it looks pretty uncomfortable for this group of young giraffes! The three adolescent giraffes were caught on camera embracing with each other in the Kgalaga... read more>>

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Hide and seek - impressive animals camouflage themselves within their natural habitats and they're almost impossible to spot

These impressive animals have managed to blend into their natural habitats so well that they're almost impossible to spot. From crocodiles in dark green waters to owls hidden camouflaged by tree bark and leopards lying flat on textured terrain, there's more than just good eyesight needed to notice these animals. It's camouflaging themselves effectively that gives ... read more>>

Animal's life behind bars at Thailand’s horror zoos

The true horror of Thailand's zoos are revealed in these sickening images showing animals locked up behind bars. Wildlife including tigers, elephants and monkeys can be seen caged in the tiny enclosures and shackled with tiny, rusty chains that barely allow any movement. Environmental photojournalist Aaron Gekoski captured their plight as tourists stroll round... read more>>