With love to lady liberty – Photographer’s three years of pictures!

Pic from Peter Alessandria/Caters News

This photographer has a long love affair with lady liberty – and has captured it on film.

The amazing pictures show the Statue of Liberty silhouetted against an array of beautiful backdrops.

In some photographs she appears to be supporting the moon, in others celebrating with fireworks in the background.

The pictures were taken by fine art photographer Peter Alessandria from New Jersey.

Pic from Peter Alessandria/Caters News

He started taking the pictures of the statue in 2013 as part of his work capturing New York’s famous landmarks.

Peter, a former entertainment lawyer in California, said: “The iconic nature of the statue is the main draw.

“It is instantly recognisable worldwide and hold a very strong symbolic meaning for people.

“I share my photos on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter so people all around the world can see them.

Pic from Peter Alessandria/Caters News

“Most people seem to respond to the moon photos.

“I still feel intense excitement each time I see the moon rise or set over the Statue of Liberty.

“I literally get goose bumping and occasionally cry out with joy.

“I chase the moon all around  New York City trying to find unique and interesting alignments with the city’s landmarks.

Pic from Peter Alessandria/Caters News

“Sometimes I end up where I am not supposed to be. I had eight encounters with law enforcement in 2016.

“The police are always very helpful when they find out what I’m up to, but I could do with toning down my brushes with the law.”

More of Peter’s photography can be found at www.peteralessandriaphotography.com