What lies beneath: Photographer snaps stunning images deep inside variety of caves


This intrepid photographer is determined to discover what lies beneath, heading deep inside beautiful caves to snap their hidden wonders.

Romain Venot’s works range from shots of stalagmites to stalactites, flooded chambers and deep, dark passageways.


The photographer, 35, travels across France to shoot such natural wonders, looking to “break the well-known idea that a cave is not interesting,” he said.

Having first become interested in caving around eight years ago, Romain has since visited between 50 and 100 caves.

He said: “I want to show the beauty of the underground, and why some men and women go there every time they have free time.


“We have a lot to discover in the heart of the earth.

“We often find new species, new galleries, and people quickly forget that caving is first of all a science, more than a sport.”

The main reason for such expeditions, Romain said, is to bring his images back to the surface and to answers people’s usual question: What is it like down there?

He sees these trips as somewhat of a survey, too, and intends to plan many more visits in the months and years to come.


Offering advice, Romain encourages people not to stop in front of cave’s entrance and wonder, but to instead speak to a professional and explore in a controlled manner themselves.

The photographer, who is from Besancon in the east of France, said: “I choose pictures to give the answers, always hoping to convince people to come and see for themselves.

“What I like the most is the ability to shoot a scene using backlit light sources viewing the result.


“The textures, the shadows, the ongoing water, the fog all over the model – what a joy to see a nice scene as you never saw it before.”