Watercolour photos – Amazing pictures capture deltas from above!

PIC BY Sergey Aleshchenko/ Caters News 

These are watercolour PHOTOS – capturing fantastic reflections of light bouncing off river deltas.

The pictures, taken from 500 metres above southern Iceland’s shores, show beautiful liquid patters as water flows through volcanic rock and sand and into the sea.

Some of the patterns are so colourful and intricate they almost look to be hand painted.

PIC BY Sergey Aleshchenko/ Caters News 

They were captured by photographer Sergey Aleshchenko from Moscow.

Sergey, 42, said: “I am seriously fond of photography and have travelled halfway around the world in search of good shots.

“I am almost most amazed by Iceland. It is a paradise for all the photographers who get there to take stunning landscape pictures that are largely untouched by people.

PIC BY Sergey Aleshchenko/ Caters News 

“Usually when I visit Iceland I rent a small Cessna aircraft with a local pilot to get the chance to fly high about the landscape and take some shots.

“The most amazing for me are the rivers flowing through the volcanic sands and out to the ocean.

PIC BY Sergey Aleshchenko/ Caters News 

“This fantastic combination of colours and patterns is incredible, and it’s probably not possible to see anywhere else.”