Waterbirds appear to walk through candy floss clouds as grandad captures stunning sunrise reflection at wetlands

These graceful birds appear to be walking along the tops of candy floss-coloured clouds as a perfect sunrise reflects in a calm body of water.

The stunning shot shows four Sandhill cranes wading through the pristine mirror image of fluffy sun-kissed clouds and gorgeous blue sky.

Harry Behret/Mercury Press

Grandad-of-two Harry Behret, 71, captured the striking snap at the water treatment plant in Viera, Florida, which becomes a hive of waterbird activity every time the central pond is drained.

War veteran Harry regularly visits the 200-acre wetlands, which he says became a birders paradise ‘by a happy accident’, to photograph the abundance of wildlife.

But the dad of one, who took up photography as a form of escapism while he was serving in Vietnam, said this particularly beautiful shot serves as proof of why you sometimes need to look up from behind the camera.

Harry Behret/Mercury Press

Harry said: “When they built the plant it created these wetlands and it attracted so much wildlife. It was basically an accident but a happy accident.

“When the plant drains the water hundreds of birds flock to the ponds because it’s easy pickings to catch the fish.

“It’s become a great place for photography and I head down there a lot.

“On this particular day I was there with about seven other photographers and as you tend to do as a wildlife photographer you get your big lens out and try to isolate one subject.

“So I was there trying to get photos of individual birds and then I looked up and saw this beautiful scene in front of me.

Harry Behret/Mercury Press

“The sun was behind my back lighting up the clouds and the foreground was this brilliant blue.

“It almost looks like the birds are walking across the clouds. I quickly grabbed my second camera which has a shorter lens and took the photo.

“There we were trying to get a photo of one bird and all I had to do was look up and actually look at what was in front of me.”

The gorgeous shot was taken by Harry using a Nikon D4 camera and a Nikon 200-400mm lens.

Harry Behret/Mercury Press

After getting his first camera aged 10, Harry developed a lifelong passion for photography but this passion became the perfect way to escape in 1968 after he was shipped out to serve in Vietnam.

Now retired after 27 years working for the US Social Security Administration, Harry says photography is still a means of escape as he loves to get away from civilisation and be immersed in nature.

Harry said: “I have been into photography all my life but I got into it more seriously when I was in Vietnam. It was an escape for me in my free time.

Harry Behret/Mercury Press

“And it’s still an escape now. Especially with the way things are in my country at the moment, it’s nice to get out and away from all the people and just be with the birds.

“I get a lot of enjoyment out of photography. I love getting to observe wildlife and be out in nature. It’s good for the soul.

“I also enjoy sharing my photographs with people and bringing them some joy. That’s the best feeling as a photographer, to know you’ve made someone’s day a bit brighter.

“I can’t sing, dance, draw or anything else. The only thing I seem to have a talent for is photography.”