Water way to relax – Resort offers first ever underwater yoga classes

Water way to relax this is – as one resort is offering what is being described as the first-ever underwater yoga classes.

Enthusiastic yogis can relax underneath the glass roof of the 5.8. Undersea Restaurant in the Maldives, while flowing vibrant blue waters and fish circle around them.


The resort hosted its first class last month with famous instructor Jessica Olie, and starting on Tuesday, May 1, there will be monthly meditation classes on the first Tuesday of the month.

Having already offered the likes of sunrise yoga, the Hurawalhi Resort decided to move things underwater, too, as a way of taking advantage of what is the world’s largest underwater restaurant.

Agnieszka Calder, online marketing specialist for the Hurawalhi Resort, said that these classes are believed to be the first underwater classes in the world, as although such events have been hosted in Dubai, those gatherings were in an aquarium, not an underwater location.


Classes cost $95, Agnieszka said, adding: “I thought of different ideas where our guests could appreciate this wonderful view and since so many guests join our complimentary sunrise yoga classes I thought why not make a special underwater event. 

“The underwater yoga event was such a huge success and we had so many inquiries of guests wanting to join for future dates and even yoga teachers willing to travel specially to teach in the most unique yoga studio, so we decided to continue with a monthly event, being the first Tuesday of each month. 


“Today we just had our first meditation class with our resident yogi Sojeesh, but we do plan invite more yoga teachers, like Jessica Olie, in the future and make it the most desirable yoga studio.”