Watch The Birdie! Stunning Pics Show Awesome Moment Kingfisher Lands On Photographer’s Head

Talk about watching the birdie…this out of luck photographer spent hours in camouflage trying to capture a diving kingfisher – only for the colourful bird to take a perch on his HEAD.

Taken by wildlife photographer Nicolas Reusens, 43, were intended to show the images show a kingfisher diving into a stream for fish.

PIC BY Nicolas Reusens / CATERS NEWS

But things didn’t go quite to plan, with the clever kingfisher finding Nicolas hiding in the bushes.

Nicolas, who took the pictures near Barcelona, Spain, said: “I’ve been following this pair of kingfishers for about four months.

“I’ve taken photos of the kingfishers on the branch, diving, grabbing the fish underwater.

PIC BY Nicolas Reusens / CATERS NEWS

“I felt a slight breeze on my ears and thought one of the robins that frequented the pond had landed on my head.

“But, actually it was a kingfisher.

“I lay still with my eyes closed as I didn’t want to scare the bird away. For almost 40 seconds I lay still waiting for the bird to make a move. Then, what looked like a blue arrow zoomed away from my head and dived in front of me.

PIC BY Nicolas Reusens / CATERS NEWS

“It dived into the water and bounced out clasping a fish directly in front of me before running away.

Nicolas added: “The kingfisher was perfect, the feathers were clean and bright, and he remained so cool and calm.

“For a moment I think he saw me looking at him, but felt I wasn’t a threat at all and he was also in a run and desperate to fish.

“It was one of the most amazing adventures I´ve had with kingfishers in my life.”