Watch: Breathtaking moment waterfall starts flowing upwards 

This is the incredible moment a waterfall in India shocked tourists – when it began to flow UPWARDS. 

The breathtaking moment was captured by waterfall enthusiast Abhinandan Kavale at the scenic Kavalseth point in the Amboli valley of Maharashtra. 

Pic By Abhinandan Kavale/ Caters News

The 400ft high waterfall, surrounded by lush green mountains is often thronged by excited sightseers who trek for hours to see the majestic phenomena of the reverse water flow – caused by the winds which flow through the valley. 

Abhinandan, 30, said: “It is nature and due to the wind flowing in the valley which makes the water to flow upwards.

“It’s really amazing and mesmerising to watch.  

“The viewpoint is fantastic, most of the time it’s foggy but sometimes it gets clear and when it gets clear one can view small waterfalls in the green mountains opposite to the view point. 

“The location is worth spending half an hour to one hour time admiring the nature’s beauty.”

Pic By Abhinandan Kavale/ Caters New

Abhinandan, who splits his time working as a children’s NGO and exploring waterfalls in the country, captured the remarkable moment while on a trek early this August and dubbed the phenomena an optical illusion.

He said: “The reverse waterfall is an optical illusion, created when wild winds flow in the valley. 

“It looks like the water is moving upwards. 

“If anybody throws a shirt or an empty water bottle or cold drink tin, it will throw it back.”