Warning the insides – Superb sunrise captured from inside ice cave!

Pic by Sigurdur William Brynjarsson/Caters News 

This beautiful sunrise is enough to warm the chilliest of places – including ice caves!

Stunning photos from inside the glistening underground spaces show a warm orange glow spreading out across the horizon.

The bright sunlight streaming in bounces off the deep blue of the cave‘s walls, warming its icy inside.

The pictures were taken on January 2 at Iceland’s Vatnajokull glacier, fully reflecting the country’s reputation as the ‘Land of Ice and Fire’.

Pic by Sigurdur William Brynjarsson/Caters News 

Photographer Sigurður William Brynjarsson even managed to silhouette himself in the cave‘s entrance for one of the most striking shots.

Sigurður, owner of Artic Shots, said: “My favourite shot is the selfie I took where I’m standing in the entrance to an ice cave called the Crystal Cave.

“The day in general was phenomenal. We woke up early that morning and headed out to drive to the Glacier Lagoon.

Pic by Sigurdur William Brynjarsson/Caters News 

“In a truck with man-sized tires we made our way towards the glacier and its magical icecaves.

“These ice caves are created by water that trickles down through the glacier and then drains out at its base and although the caves are flooded in the summer, in winter it freezes and the caves drain out.

“The ice at the base is called blue ice and due to the weight of the glacier having squeezed all oxygen out of the ice, it turns incredibly blue.

Pic by Sigurdur William Brynjarsson/Caters News 

“We came to the glacier ahead of the crowds and got to enjoy and photograph the fiery sunrise in peace.

“I even spun some steel wool for the fun of it.

“Although I go there on regular basis, this day sits at the top as an all-time favourite.”