Vertigo-inducing footage shows incredible moment female slackliner, 23, breaks world record for longest rope walk

This vertigo-inducing footage shows the incredible moment a 23-year-old female slackliner smashed a world record – tiptoeing 1km over a lake without falling once.

Mia Noblet, from Vancouver, Canada, broke the record for the longest female slackline walk when she made it 1,000 metres along a rope strung over Svarthollvatnet lake in Senja, Norway, last week [August 29].

Stunning drone video filmed by Cara Urban shows the 23-year-old victoriously completing the challenge – smashing the previous world record of 600 metres, which she also held.

Mia said: “I previously held the world record, which was 600 metres.

Pic by Cara Urban/Caters News

“This is my sixth time breaking my own distance record.

“I love working long lines, and a kilometre has been something I’ve been dreaming about for the last two years, when I first broke the record.

Pic by Cara Urban/Caters News

“I’m so happy and grateful to have been part of such an amazing team here in Norway.

“One big dream achieved just feels amazing.

“The walking day was magic, the conditions were perfect and the view over the fjords was amazing.”

Mia longed to try slacklining aged eight after first spotting a poster of extreme sports legend Dean Potter, and first picked up the sport in Vancouver as a 20-year-old.

Pic by Cara Urban/Caters News

And she admitted she completely lost track of time while completing the adrenaline-fuelled challenge.

Mia added: “From the first time I tried slacklining, I knew it was something I would do for a long time.

Pic by Cara Urban/Caters News

“When I walk I don’t listen to music.

“When it’s a line I want to complete, I lose track of time and thoughts and I never remember what I think of.”