Urban explorers investigate abandoned 1950’s soviet submarine left to rot in a dock for 16 years

Urban explorers reveal hidden depths of an abandoned 1950s Soviet submarine left to rot in a dock for over a decade.

Bob Thissen paddled out to the heavy weapon war machine earlier this year to take a peek inside the vessel created by the Russians cold war that now lies unwanted in Amsterdam waters.

Inside the Foxtrot B80 submarine serves as a time-capsule, with its quarters and narrow crammed corridors preserved but rust ridden and dusty, from its long spate of inactivity.

Soviet stars are emblazoned in the missile rooms, instructions for control decks remain on the walls and even images of topless women tacked to one wall.

Bob, from Heerlen, The Netherlands, said: “I just took out my dinghy and paddled to the ship. It was wide open. Probably left this way so it would be closed again.


“It’s a Russian submarine so it’s cool to see the Russian language on the gauges.

“I think the two missile loading rooms were the best. I loved the stars painted on the tubes.

“It’s cool overall because there is so much to see. Every inch is filled with gauges, pipes and other equipment which makes it also interesting to photograph.

“It’s a submarine, so everything is crammed together. It’s narrow, tight and the floor is very low.

“In such a submarine you have no privacy at all and there’s no sunlight. I would get depressed if I had to be on board.

“It’s also not a nice idea to think that you are constantly a target.”

The Foxtrot was built as part of the Russian fleet in 1956, after being discarded it was temporarily used as a presentation space in 2002 and last accessible to the public three years after.

Since then the unwanted submarine has remained in Amsterdam waters reportedly due to towing tariffs multiple owners have not paid.

Due to the Foxtrot’s deteriorating state, the city has taken action to force the submarine out of its waters.

Bob says he has wanted to visit the location for eight years and recently filmed his exploration for his YouTube series Exploring the Unbeaten Path.


He said: “The name is Foxtrot B80, it’s a famous type of submarine, Dutch investors went to Russia to buy this submarine, thinking it was a B80, but in the end it turned out to be an older Zulu V class.

“It should have been towed away many years ago by a Turkish owner, but that didn’t happen. Later it was bought by a Belgian company.

“The city Amsterdam wants it to be towed away from its waters. But nothing has happened yet.”