Urban explorer takes girlfriend on ‘romantic date’ in Dubai – hanging off the edge of 500 metre high building with no safety gear

It’s not what most people would consider the height of romance – but this daredevil decided to take his girlfriend on a date night she’d never forget – hanging off the edge of some of the world’s tallest buildings.

Dimitriy Chernysh, 22, from Moscow, Russia, knew that his girlfriend Polina had always wanted to see the skyscrapers of Dubai.

Pic By Dimitriy Chernysh/Caters News

But she probably hadn’t bargained on seeing them from above.

Dimitry has become well-known in the urban exploration world for managing to scale some of the world’s tallest buildings – without permission and without ANY safety gear.

He said: “I’ve been fond of urban exploration for about two years now. It started from my love of photography, I wanted to see things in ways that other people had never seen before.

Pic By Dimitriy Chernysh/Caters News

“Polina loves the buildings in Dubai, she is not an experienced roofer and was a bit scared. But she did well. She wanted to see those amazing views. It was our romantic date night together.

“Of course my parents and family worry about me, but they know that I always control myself, and never get too risky.

“The most difficult thing is getting past the guards of the building – it’s always a worry to know if I will actually be able to make it onto the roof.

Pic By Dimitriy Chernysh/Caters News

“Once I get up there I feel an injection of adrenalin, and then I can relax and enjoy the views.

“It’s difficult to get away again without being caught – but we never break anything – neither doors or locks – that’s why there are no major problems with the.

“I wouldn’t like them to get into trouble though.”