Urban explorer reveals abandoned German tunnels claimed to be secret Nazi weapons testing bunker

An urban explorer has revealed abandoned German tunnels claimed to lead to a secret Nazi weapons testing bunker.

After hunting through miles of underground passageways, Warren Tepper, from Hampshire, was shocked by his discovery after climbing through a hole in one of the walls.

It is claimed the area was a shelter for Nazis during the bombing from Allied forces and also a bombardment system, where ammunition was tested on steel plates.

Inside Warren and co-explorer Matt, found four-inch-thick bullet holes in metal along with similar holes in bulletproof glass, believed to have been from when Americans raided the site.

The bunker and surrounding tunnels, that lie beneath Duisburg, Germany, could also have been visited by Adolf Hitler and used as a spot for secret meetings.

Warren said: “At first we didn’t really see much it was just a set of empty tunnels but then we climbed through a hole in the wall into another part of the tunnels that had been blocked off.

“It was only then that we started to get a feeling for how big and amazing the tunnels were.

“As we carried on walking round the tunnels we started to find more and more exciting stuff.


 “Then we found the munitions storage and were both really excited at this point, so we carried on in the miles of underground tunnels. 

“Then we came across the weapons testing room and were like two kids at Christmas.

“We were amazed and shock as to what we had just found in the tunnels it was the gift that kept giving 

“It looks like they were firing some big calibre guns down there that would have echoed through the tunnels and been extremely loud.


“I would not have liked to have been down there when the guns were going off inside. 

“The sheer size of the tunnels the largest I have been in yet. The munitions storage and weapon testing range were impressive.

“Then there were bullet holes in a 4inch thick bit of metal and, also bullet holes in the bulletproof glass.

“It was a secret weapons testing bunker it was Nazi and when reading into the history of Adolf Hitler he had secret meeting inside these tunnels.


“From what I have read it was captured by the Americans hence the bullet holes in the bullet proof glass.” 

For Warren and Matt from Finders Beepers History Seekers, this was one of the most impressive sites they have visited.

He released the footage on his own YouTube Channel ‘Warren Urbexing’ gathering thousands of views within a few days.

 Warren said: “To date, it is the biggest set of tunnels I have explored, and it was my first abandoned exploration I have done outside of England.

“It is also the most amazing one I have done so far because of the weapons testing facility inside a set of tunnels.”