Urban explorer documents ‘hidden gem’ abandoned time capsule manor perfectly preserved in time 

An urban explorer has documented a ‘hidden gem’ abandoned time capsule manor perfect preserved in time.

Concealed deep within a forest in central France, the prestigious property looks like it still could be lived in despite being left to rot for nearly a decade.

The 12-bedroom uninhabited home remains a timepiece frozen at the moment its unknown former owners left.

With beds still made, paintings hanging on the walls, an uncovered piano waiting to be played as well as puzzles, newspapers and fabric strewn upon the tables.


Many of the cupboards remain fully stocked and a lone teddy bear waits on the bed for owners who appear to have never returned.

Much of the 20th-century décor, from curtains to wallpaper and more remain despite the absence to care.  

Bob Thissen, from Heerlen, The Netherlands, explored the property this year and five years prior, noting the differences between his visits.


The contrasting images show a thick layer of dust now amassed within the rooms, and miraculously how many of belongings still in the remain.

Bob, who runs YouTube Channel Exploring the Unbeaten Path, said: It’s a hidden gem in France. 

“Most of the time abandoned buildings turn out to be empty. Sometimes you are lucky and find a completely preserved building.


“It gives a good insight into how people lived there. It’s great to find a building where it looks like the owners just left it.

“The closets are full of old stuff and it’s nice how the packages look like of old products.

“I liked the bear on the bed. It feels like it’s waiting for the owner to return. It was still in the exact same place 5 years later.

“I also liked the wooden quality furniture. You can even find carved faces in the bed. 

“It’s untouched since the people moved out and I was lucky to find this building before thieves and vandals. They often turn these buildings into a big mess.

“I believe the manor was abandoned around 2009, but the manor haven’t been updated for ages. You can only find a few small items from the 21th century like a small flatscreen TV.

“During the five years between my visit, almost nothing has changed. Normally abandoned buildings degrade very fast because they get looted and vandalized.


“We visited it because a lot of other locations did not work out and we were curious what the state of this manor was in, because it’s so well hidden and we were probably the first people to find it. 

“Thieves had stolen some small objects, but majority of things were still in the same place. Normally these places get looted really fast.

“It was a miracle to see almost nothing was changed.” 

Bob believes the site has survived for this long without been pillaged due to being hidden away at an undocumented location and not detailed due to being an ordinary home.

He said: “Buildings with a rich history and buildings in urban area’s often get looted and vandalized quickly, because everybody knows about it or see it from the road. 


“This building is somewhere hidden in a field in the middle of a forest. You would never end up here if you didn’t know there was an abandoned building.”

While the former dwellers’ identity is unknown Bob believes that due to how well preserved the site is it could have been abandoned due to death or ill health.

He added: “I guess elderly people lived here and died or moved to an elderly house.

“They probably don’t have any children or heirs, or the heirs don’t know what to do with the giant villa.

“It’s more a burden to live in big old buildings these days because of the high maintenance costs.”

You can see more of his work at: www.bobthissen.com.