Unsuspecting climber gets caught in mini avalanche

Pic by Jon Griffith / Caters News

This is the moment an unsuspecting climber gets caught in a mini avalanche.

Climber Will Sim was scaling up a sheer mountain face in the Mont Blanc massif when tons of snow fell overhead.

As Will clung to the rocks, photographer, Jon Griffith, watched from below and was able to catch the spectacle on camera.

The Mont Blanc massif is situated in the Alps on the boundary between Haute-Savoie in France and the Aosta Valley in Italy.

Pic by Jon Griffith / Caters News

Jon said: “We were alone up on the mountain that day, which is quite a rare thing, and it was windy so knew we were going to spend all day getting very wet from the snow drifts.

“But that morning we didn’t have a great start, a battery failure left us with just one working head torch so we were relieved when daybreak revealed a perfectly clear and bright sky and pushed forward with our climb.

Pic by Jon Griffith / Caters News

“As Will scaled that particular rock face a near constant stream of snow flowed down and I have to admit things weren’t looking great for him.

“But, they were looking great for my camera, and luckily Will was able to hold on until the snow fell.

“After a long day we were relieved to get back to Courmayeur, where we were staying, for some well-earned food and rest.”

Pic by Jon Griffith / Caters News