Unique photograph of the great pyramid of Giza makes wonder appear to rise and rise

This fascinating photograph offers a unique perspective of the incredible size of the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Shot from ground level, the wonder appears to rise forever when compared to the human subject sat at it bottom – 33-year-old travel blogger Michele Frolla.

Pic by The Intrepid Guide / Caters

Recently, the image receive much attention on the website Reddit, where members discussed the perspective it offered.

Michele, who runs the website The Intrepid Guide, said: “When I reached the base, I looked straight up and was in complete awe.

“I stood there trying to wrap my head around just how big it was, and that’s when I had the idea for the photo.

“I wanted to capture its scale.

“Nothing shows scale better than putting a tiny human in the frame.

Pic by The Intrepid Guide / Caters

“So, I set up my camera on my tripod and asked my partner to take the shot I had envisioned.”

The Great Pyramid is 481 feet tall and believed to be made up of around 2.3 million blocks, put in place over 20 years.

Michele – who took her photo on December 2, 2017, but received much attention on Reddit last week – said: “I’m so proud of how this photo turned out.

“As a photographer, you can spend a lot of time setting up a shot, but the idea for this one came to me instinctively the moment I looked up.”