Touching Alaska: Paraglider get’s up-close-and-personal with Alaskan ice-caps for last time before warmer weather arrives to savour one-last stunning glimpse

This winter-loving paraglider got up-close-and-personal with some stunning Alaskan ice-caps and scenery during his last flight of winter – even walking across some to savour one-last glimpse.

Paramotoring veteran, Chris Reynolds, never tires of witnessing the tranquility of an Alaskan winter from above the ground, but he claims this special flight to be one of his ‘most memorable yet’.


Taking to the sky some 800 times, the 57-year-old paragliding instructor couldn’t resist one last glance on March 18, just before the winter-white plains of Anchorage were replaced by greener pastures in the ensuing sunshine.

Swooping and gliding around the haunting landscape, Chris navigates his way around Knik Glacier with expert precision, before running his way along the top of Chugach mountains.

With little room for error, Chris’ aviation expertise ensures he’s always in precise control of his often intimidating movements – with any misjudgment carrying potentially fatal consequences.

Chris, who has over a decade of experience under his belt, said: “You can never get tired of flying in Alaska.

“I try to fly ever time if the weather permits.


“These are coastal mountains where you can cruise at around 24 hours.

“I always have to be in close control as the risks are very high when flying so close to this unpredictable terrain.

“I started as a skier but soon felt more at home in the sky.

“It’s the most incredible feeling and this has to be one of my favourite ever flights.”